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A beautiful fence creates a safe environment for children and pets as well as adding to the value of your home.  A fence can also provide privacy for you and your family.  A deck provides a platform for outdoor living space.  Having the wonderful weather of Florida, a deck is like adding extra square footage to your home.  Sadly, our wonderful salty air can be brutal to those fences and decks.  Fortunately we are on hand to make sure you can continue to enjoy your space and privacy.  

Wood Deck Repair Contractors Near Me

Residents in the Pensacola area can finally have their decks repaired at an affordable cost. Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements is committed to providing quality work at a fair price.  But first things first, how do you know when to contact us for your deck repair? There are various indicators that your deck needs repair. Below is a list of some indicators.

1. Unsecure boards

Unsecure boards can be hazardous, creating a trip and fall issue.  In this situation, liability usually falls onto the homeowner. Therefore, deck repair is essential in securing the safety of  your family and guests.

2. Noticeable damage

If left too long without deck maintenance, the damage on wood decks becomes obvious. Then it’s not only an unsafe nuisance but unsightly as well. When your deck has broken boards, missing screws, large holes as well as wood rot, it’s time for deck restoration.

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We really enjoyed working with Chris and his crew. He checked all of the boxes, prices, reliability, communicated well, and most importantly quality work. We highly recommend NHI home improvement.
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Knows his job and friendly to work with. Quality screens and no more insects. Recomendable!
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3. Loose railings

Loose railings are dangerous for anyone using the deck.  They become especially dangerous when paired with other issues that cause tripping.  Children and pets are quick to fall victim to unsafe railings.  Secure railings are a vital part of your wood deck.  

4. Wood rot

Wood rot on a wood deck or  the frame of composite decking is also an urgent problem. Wood rot can spread and damage the whole deck or frame.  Repairing it early helps eliminate the need for a new deck installation, which is more costly.

5. Questionable posts

Your deck posts are an integral part of the overall structure. If your deck posts feel loose, this is a sign that they require attention to ensure that the whole deck structure remains strong and functional.

Wooden Fence Repair Near Me

Wood fence panels and posts can be prone to storm damage and deterioration. Taking on a  fence repair project can be a difficult task without proper tools and experience.  Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements has both the tools and the knowledge. 

Why Is Fence Repair Essential?

Keeping your fence in good repair prevents costly damage. Ignoring loose posts, soft spots, moldy areas, curled boards and other issues will inevitably cause and grow into larger problems.  An unmaintained fence is weak, causing it to more readily fall victim to problems after storms or even regular use.  

Maintaining your fence also helps avoid more costly repairs or replacement.  Not only that,  but could also save a loved one from injury.

A damaged fence losses its ability to provide privacy or safety for you, your family and your pets.  Fences in good repair also provide better  security for your home and family. 

What FACTORS INFLUENCE Fence Repair Cost?

The cost of fence repair or replacement depends mostly on the length of the fence as well as the quality of materials you choose. Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements ensures that you will get your fence installed or repaired a very reasonable cost. 

A Pensacola Deck Repair CompanY

While taking on the fence repair or installation is tempting, leave it to the professionals.  Our trained, hardworking, experienced team is at your disposal. Not only do we repair and install fencing and decks, we offer other home improvement services. Contact us for free estimates as well as no-obligation consultation services.

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