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Screen Room Installation and Screen Room Repair

Looking to install or repair a screen room in your home in Pensacola? Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements
offers professional screen room installation and screen room repair. We all love outdoor spaces to enjoy, relax, and reflect on nature; hence gazebos, pergolas, and even verandahs. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions or other factors like mosquitoes can prevent us from enjoying the outdoors.

Screen Rooms Pensacola

Luckily, screen rooms are a beautiful resolution. A screen room is an enclosed extension to the main house and provides more space for the homeowners. It is enclosed using a screen made of fabric or fiberglass and is significant in any home because it allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature without dealing with bugs, debris, rain, or the scorching sun. 

A screen room installation can be done during the construction of a new home.  But patios, decks, and back porches can become screen rooms years ofter the home is built. This means that even though you may not have a screen room right now, having one is as simple as giving Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements a call. It is considered the least expensive, simplest form of protected living space and is a safe place for children to play and enjoy nature.

A screen room is, therefore, a valuable asset for any home. Here is what you need to know about screen room repairs and screened in porch installers near me in Pensacola:

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Types of Screen Rooms

1.Under- Truss Screen Enclosures

These are screen rooms built under an already existing truss roof. This type of screen enclosure is installed under a truss roof that already exists as part of the original house. These types of screen rooms are cheaper to install because you do not have to incur roofing costs.

2.Screen Enclosures With a Screen Roof

These are screen rooms built with aluminum roofs with screen mesh. The roof projects outwards from the roof of the original structure. They are fantastic screen rooms, especially if you need or want  more natural lighting. They also offer more exposure to nature for a more outdoorsy feel.  As such, they generally cost a bit more because of the added roofing, but are worth every dime.

3. Screen Enclosures With a Solid Roof

These screen rooms suit houses with limited patio space. The roof of this type of  screen room consists of aluminum composite panels, which are of high density, as well as concrete. The majority of homeowners prefer this type of screen room because the roofing is more durable than other screen roofs. They provide maximum longevity, and minimal leaks.

Screen Porch Repair in Pensacola

After installing a screen room and using it over a considerable amount of time, wear and tear are inevitable.  When you notice your enclosure requires patio screen repair, you may question whether to call a professional or do it yourself. Well, this is a task that needs a professional. Screen room repair professionals have the right know-how, tools, equipment, experience, and guarantee safety.

Florida Screened in Porch Maintenance

Besides screen room repair and installations, screen rooms also need regular maintenance practices to ensure they remain in good condition. Regular cleaning of surfaces is essential to ensure that dust and other particles do not pile up. It is also crucial to reseal the wood for screen rooms constructed with pressure-treated wood. Reapplying finish to screen room columns and adjusting damaged doors also helps maintain their aesthetic and functional value.

Screen Installers Near Me 

Our company dedicates itself to offering excellent services for all your screen room needs. For screen room installation or repairs of any kind, give Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements a call.

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