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Wood Rot Repair Pensacola

A beautiful fence creates a safe environment for children and pets as well as adds to the value of your home. Having a deck allows you to enjoy your outdoor space more and creates a lasting impression on your home. Unfortunately, fences and decks often get damaged, making deck repair and fence repair essential to maintaining the quality and outlook of your property.

Wood rot treatment is therefore necessary for homes that use wooden structural elements because wood is bound to rot in one way or another. Wood rot deteriorates the stability and strength of structures, which is why many homeowners go into panic mode once they discover wood rot cases on their premises. If you find wood rot on your home then give us a call at Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements. We offer professional wood rot repair services. 

What Are the Types of Wood Rot You May Encounter?

1. Brown Rot

Brown rot is a type of wood rot that thrives at a temperature of 60-90 degrees. It is also known as dry rot because not much moisture is needed for it to take place. It’s caused by brown rot fungi, which focuses on the cellulose in the wood structures.

2. White Rot

White rot is a type of wood rot characterized by wood turning yellow or white. The wood is also likely to feel spongy. White rot fungi affect an element of wood known as lignin. It leaves the light-colored cellulose behind, making the wood appear whitish.

3. Soft Rot

Soft rot fungi decompose wood at a much slower rate compared to brown or white rot. It thrives in very hot as well as very cold temperatures that mostly exist on fallen logs. However, if the conditions are suitable in a house, soft rot fungi are likely to thrive.

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Structural Wood Rot Repair

If you choose to embark on wood rot repair, you must be thorough and ensure you look into all affected areas. Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements have all the knowledge and tools necessary for a job well-done. We understand that wood rot is likely to affect different house areas, but some areas are more prone to wood rot than others. 

Windows, for example, are prone to wood rot because it only takes a small gap for water to leak to the wood in the wall beneath the window. When doing wood rot repair, one should also focus on exterior doors because they are prone to weather elements like rain. Although modern doors have designs to be waterproof, a small gap between the door and the siding may permit water to enter. If water penetrates touching wood, wet wood rot is bound to occur.

Wood rot repair should also focus on outdoor decks. Outdoor decks are likely to hold water during a rainy season. If the deck’s waterproof elements have been worn out or compromised, then water will penetrate the wood causing wet wood rot

Basements need regular checking during wood rot repair as well because the wood in the basement has moist soil surrounding it. The chances of the wood getting wet are very high. Wood rot is, therefore, common in basement areas.

A damaged roof should also be the focus of any wood rot repair procedures. If the roof leaks water, there are very high chances that the water seeps to the wood in the roof deck. The wood used to frame the attic is also prone to wood rot.

How to Stop Wood Rot

One way to stop a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The law applies to wood rot as well. All cracks on doors and windows should be waterproof to ensure no water seeps into the wood. Scrap away old caulk on windows and doors and replace it with a new one to make the surfaces waterproof.

Cleaning gutters regularly and using dehumidifiers in the basement can go a long way in ensuring that wood rot doesn’t occur. Installation of exhaust fans in bathrooms helps to remove steamy moist air caused by hot showers. Ensuring dryness in bathrooms will also help prevent wood rot from occurring.

How To Treat Wood Rot In Pensacola - Call In The Professionals!

All homeowners need professionals when it comes to structural wood repair around your home. Let Gutter Solutions and Home Improvements be your call for wood rot treatment in Pensacola. We promise we can deliver!

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